Not only were the tutors fantastic and incredibly inspiring, both as musicians and teachers, but being immersed into the Italian culture for two weeks provided the perfect background to the high-quality music-making that occurred.
— Courtney Cook, clarinetist, 2018 SMT student from Australia
As a busy working educator and semi-professional musician, this program is the right balance of rigor and relaxation. The landscape is stunning, and the atmosphere amongst the musicians is nothing but supportive for all levels of musician. This festival would serve as a truly memorable experience for anyone seeking to not only explore new repertoire, but additionally a charming Tuscan way of life.
— Anonymous SMT student, 2018
Summer Music in Tuscany is absolutely amazing. Having the opportunity to travel to Italy, make music, and meet so many other musicians was the best part of my summer. It is the perfect balance of musical instruction and cultural experience. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to travel and perform across the region of Tuscany.
— Stephanie Evans, vocalist, SMT 2018 student from the USA
Summer Music in Tuscany was a phenomenal experience that reminded me of why I fell in love with music in the first place. It was a great two week program that provided me with various tools to enhance my musicianship and the opportunity to perform with faculty members as well as other students. In two weeks, we performed 4 different concerts at various beautiful venues whilst exploring the beautiful Tuscan region of Italy. SMT reminded why I started in the first place and I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world. I absolutely loved that it was a small, tight-knit group of us, where everyone was equals, supportive and inclusive. I really do hope to do this program again.
— Laura Doyon, vocalist, SMT student 2018 from USA
I highly recommend the Summer Music in Tuscany program to anyone who is even remotely interested. It was a phenomenal combination of beautiful music and cultural excursions which created a fantastic experience. Also, the accommodations, food, and the staff at La Gustea were amazing - we could not have asked for a better place to stay. I am so grateful for the new connections I’ve made to a group of incredibly talented musicians and the heartwarming town of Sarteano, Italy through Summer Music in Tuscany. -
— Anonymous SMT student, 2018
The experience was so amazing and different than anything I’ve ever had before. The musician were all well educated and sweet and eager to play. The music was quality and the atmosphere was much different than most concerts. You really get to play music from your heart here.
— Anonymous SMT student, 2018
I heard about SMT from Lish Lindsey and was delighted that she invited me to apply for the program. Knowing that Lish had taught in the program in previous years and that she is a fabulous flute teacher at the Wilkes Conservatory made me excited to spend a week learning from her in a beautiful Tuscan setting. I didn’t expect the instant camaraderie formed with not only my fellow instrumentalists, but the vocalist students and coaches. Every day I heard the other performers practice and the level of professionalism was stellar. As a flutist I applied many breathing and performance techniques from the vocalist master class to my playing with audible results within the first day of practicing! My husband (who is not a musician) enjoyed exploring Tuscany and the many local restaurants and tourist attractions. Although I was a performer in the festival, I still had quality time to spend with him on our vacation and he was able to come with us on excursions to nearby cities.

I highly recommend this program for all ages, as there are many levels that could learn from the master instruction. Non-performers have opportunities to explore alone and with their performing family members or partners.
— Corinna Muller, flute, SMT student 2017
“My experience at Summer Music in Tuscany helped me grow as a musician and educator. The faculty has always been made of some of the best musicians I have ever met and in this camp, I was given a chance to work with them. Beyond this, I was able to meet fellow musicians that I may have never met outside of this camp. From this camp, my network grew exponentially; I was able to meet with and get to know singers from the other side of the country! Meeting all of these musicians and hearing the story of how they came into their careers really gave me a better perspective on my current career path.
— Mike Tatoris, bassoon, SMT student 2016